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    • Mob: 07767 822772 (Steve-Anytime)
    • Phone: 01634 926265  (Medway)

Why We Offer Best Value

For people taking their full motorcycle test below are a few points worth considering:

Our courses offer the best value in the area (no loans and low overheads means we are able to pass on the savings to you).

If you’re a novice rider doing a 5 day course we are going to lend you a 125cc motorcycle for an extra day for free that’s 6 days rather than 5 (and if you want even more time on one we can arrange that for you as well).

We have the biggest and closest practice site for module 1 test practice (less than 5 minutes from the Gillingham test centre). Gillingham test centre serves Medway, Maidstone, Sittingbourne, Swale and all surrounding areas. Our uniquely positioned practice site ensures maximum practice right up to the test itself (no practising hours or even days before the test with no warm up beforehand).

Our location closest to Gillingham test centre means you won’t be wasting time travelling in from outside the area (and paying us for the privilege), this means our courses are ultra effective as you will be gaining ongoing experience on the roads you may come across during your on road practical mod 2 test.

After your CBT you will be in a group a maximum ratio of 2 pupils to 1 instructor this means we can progress you immediately onto a larger motorcycle at the appropriate time (we won’t keep you on a smaller capacity motorcycle in a larger group!).

Our wealth of experience around motorcycling is unparalleled, we don’t sell motorcycles and as such are able to offer an unbiased view on any questions you may have on the subject.

All our quoted prices include everything, test fees, insurance (and we won’t charge you if you damage our bikes), theory test fees; absolutely everything is included, so no last minute surprises here.

Established since 1990, you can be sure we know our business inside out!

For people taking CBT with us

As a new rider your safety is paramount to us.

We employ proven structured teaching methods which provide positive results.

All of our instructors are qualified with the Driving Standards Agency to not only provide CBT training but they are also registered to conduct the more demanding DAS full licence syllabus – they really are top of their game.

But most importantly (apart from the safety that is) the day’s meant to be fun and that’s what we aim to provide.


8 Great Reasons Why A-Z is Right for You

  1. Free practice bikes at the weekend on our full licence courses (gets you more time on a bike than anywhwere else.)
  2. It’s not just us saying it that’s why! – A phenomenal 80% of our work comes from personal recommendation.
  3. We are the closest training school to the Gillingham test centre (serving Medway, Maidstone, Sittingbourne, Swale and all outlaying areas.) No wasted time travelling in with us!
  4. Established since 1990. Our longevity speaks for itself.
  5. We are ALL FULLY CERTIFIED Driving Standards Agency instructors certified to offer both CBT training and Full licence direct access training.
  6. We only operate small group sizings (your safe rapid progress onto a larger motorcycle is assured with us.)
  7. We continuosly monitor the local market ensuring our courses offer the best value out there.
  8. PERHAPS MOST IMPORTANTLY it’s because we always endeavour to offer the best standard of instruction but within a stress free, fun filled environment.