A-Z Rider Training Testimonials



I just did my CBT training with Paul this morning. My nerves this morning vanished very quickly with Paul’s training. A very enjoyable experience . I’ll definitely be booking with you for my full bike licence

Phillip Jones, Maidstone

Two separate people recommended A to Z Rider Training, having both passed first time. I was not disappointed, everything was as they said. Steve and Paul are friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. It was enjoyable and fun training with this company and I really am glad that I was guided by those recommendations. I had not ridden a motorcycle for 30 years, give or take, so to say I was a little rusty at the very least, would be fair. The training was so good that I soon started enjoying myself and wondering why I had left it so long. Choose this company, listen carefully to what is said and you will have no problems in getting your licence. I passed too, and really want to thank both Steve and Paul for all their help and guidance.

badbusa, Maidstone

Paul and Steve are very knowledgeable and fantastic fun. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wishes to learn how to ride and have great fun while learning. I passed first time with only 2 minors!! Thank you Paul!

Twilson26, Medway

Had training with a different training body prior to learning & testing with A to Z Rider Training, had issues on original test attempts but A to Z saw me good with the exact advice I needed to become a better rider and pass my test, whilst also being a third of the price of local competing training schools. Absolutely no issues at all, would highly recommend to those in the area.

LiquidFlux, Maidstone

I have to say, I’m glad that Steve had more faith in me than I did! After not riding a bike for more than 30 years I was apprehensive to say the least when I was told I would only need 3 days. I also had to split training over 2 weeks due to work commitments. Steve was very accommodating and confident that the 3 days would be enough. The training was very thorough and any criticism constructive. I found myself looking forward to the lessons and thoroughly enjoyed them and the way they were presented. Steve was also good fun and had more than a few stories which helped put me at ease on the day of the test.

Despite the usual test nerves I flew through the Mod 1 and 2 and although I couldn’t believe it when told I had passed!! To top it all it only cost me £475, a lot cheaper than others in the area. All in all fantastic value and a lot of fun. I would recommend to any one. Now looking forward to the arrival of my Harley Davidson!

Steve Prior, Walderslade

Done a 3 day course with Steve. Paul also helped with Mod 1 training and gave a very knowledgeable insight in to how to preform your best on the course. Despite I failed mod 1, I retook it and with some help from Steve, passed with 0 minors the second time. Mod 2 was also a breeze. If you want a decent school and high chance of passing, these are your guys.

Madness 1802, Gillingham

I had the privilege of being trained by both Steve and Paul on a 3 day training course before my motorcycle riding test. Both were excellent, friendly and helpful. They managed to find out weak points and helped to iron out these flaws without knocking my confidence. They were very encouraging and after just 2 days of training I was more than ready to pass my test. I ended up passing first time of asking with only 2 minor faults! I couldn’t recommend these guys enough, they are a great laugh and made the training enjoyable as well as educating. If you’re thinking about doing your A2 or DAS licence, give these guys a go. You won’t regret it!

Chris Medhurst, Maidstone

If ever A to Z needed a challenge it was me! On a whim I decided to do something challenging, something to show that my 40 year old brain and body could still do something new! So for reasons I do not know I thought I’d learn to ride a motorbike. When I called Steve and explained I had never been on a bike before he ran through all the options and made it very easy for me to book the direct access course. Paul was my instructor and he was so very patient and calm, he never got cross even though on a couple of occassions I told him I would call it a day and go home – I was used to things coming easy to me and this was hard work…. I really was the most nervous I have ever been. However, Paul’s confidence in my abilities helped me to get in the right mind set and on the day of the Mod 1 and Mod 2 test I nailed it! The only bad thing is, the training was so consistently good throughout the 5 days I rode with Paul, now when I’m out on my own I still hear his little voice in my ear telling me what to do and when I make a mistake…. I’m hoping that will stop happening soon!

AJ Kent, Medway

As my CBT was due to expire I wanted to perform my A2 license as soon as possible. so I did some searching and found A To Z to be the cheapest for me locally. Upon arriving at A to Z, I met one of the trainers; Paul, who helped me with everything I needed, from Mod 1 – on-the-road, to the various manoeuvres needed for the Mod 1. Instruction was clear, helpful, well demonstrated and done at great locations. Mod 1 training: Mod 1 training is done at a private car park that A to Z use close to the test centre. The manoeuvres are done under test conditions to allow the best practice. Ample amounts of help were given as needed. Mod 2: After practising for Mod 1 training, and even on the way to Mod 1 training Mod 2 training would be done. It’s very simple and clear instruction. Either saying where to go, or a place that you need to follow signs to. Again if something wasn’t done, such as a mirror check, you were notified so you were aware and can correct yourself. Training took place for me up until the last minute. I personally took two tries for my Mod 2, but that was due to an unexpected event on my first, but A to Z were happy and very good at my re-take, fitting me in soon after and to fit my hectic schedule. Overall, great bunch of guys, great equipment and great training. Would definitely recommend to anyone, whether your new or experienced!

Dan V, Maidstone

Before I did the CBT I had never ridden a motorcycle. I did a further 4 day direct access course with Paul and passed both tests on the fourth day with no minor faults on either test. I learned something and improved each day and had a laugh at the same time. I would recommend A to Z to everybody.

Tim Keevil, Medway

I’ve done CBT and direct access course with A-Z, just passed my test. I have great time learning with Paul. Thanks Steve for rearranging days and times to suit me. Great time, great people, good price !!!! Thanks guys !!!

Marek S, Chatham

I did my CBT and direct access with A to Z. I passed both tests first time due to first class training from Steve and Paul. Excellent equipment, facilities and bikes. Would recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Ben Johnson, Maidstone

I recently did my Direct Access course with A to Z Rider Training having never ridden before. The training was fantastic and also lots of fun, and the instructor Paul was very patient with me! I passed second time around due to nerves, but had a lot of help from Steve re-booking the test for times that would fit around me. Overall a 5* service, I was very pleased. Thanks.

Nicole Conyers, Maidstone

After a hugely successful week passing my Direct Access (DAS) motorcycle test I thought I’d write a review of the company I went with.

A-Z Rider Training, is a Medway, Kent based business working out of GForce Motorcycles in Hempstead.

I’m quite particular when it comes to buying and spending money so I called a large amount of motorcycle trainers around discussing various options. I found that Steve from A-Z was very professional, provided more than other providers and best priced too.

As I had never ridden a motorcycle before I booked a 5 day course. All exams and fees were included in the price with also the loan of a 125cc on the Sat to practice. (I didn’t find any other school that provided this)

My trainer for the 5 days Paul, was excellent. From day 1 to day 5 he was constantly providing advice and tips on how to advance myself. I was never confused or flustered at any point and his training style was 2nd to none, providing clear instructions at all times.

The course consisted of:

Theory & Hazard Perception tests

Day 1 – CBT Training Ground & Road Riding (125cc)

Day 2 – Training Ground & Road Riding (650cc)

Sat – Free loan of 125cc to ride around. This enabled me to get comfortable with a motorcycle, balance, gears, and ride around my local area etc. I found this an invaluable part of the course.

Day 3 – Training Ground & Road Riding (650cc)

Day 4 – Training Ground & Road Riding (650cc)

Day 5 – Training Ground & Road Riding (650cc) followed by Mod 1 & Mod 2 test.

Needless to say after these 5 days training and the additional loan of the 125cc for the Sat was a huge success. I passed all tests with flying colours which I put down to the outstanding training style of Paul but also to the high end equipment and facilities that they provide.

I’d also like to comment on the guys from GForce, although these companies are not affiliated they were all a great bunch of guys with plenty of good advice.

Thanks again for making my training easy and enjoyable.

Martyn Py, Maidstone

Done a 3 day course with Paul just this week and have to say it was brilliant, couldn’t have asked for anything else, passed both tests yesterday without any minors whatsoever! Could not of done it without Paul! I also met Steve a few times who gave me lots of great advice and talked me through the maintenance and passenger questions. All in all it was absolute pleasure! The price of my training was by far the cheapest I was quoted, I was riding the latest Kawasaki ER6N which was a fantastic bike. Would recommend A to Z to everyone! 10/10!

George Barclay, Medway