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CBT Medway - A to Z Rider Training

A-Z Rider Training provide Medway an outstanding CBT programme with thorough and professional training delivered by first class instructors. With a maximum of two students per instructor on-road we guarantee you a rewarding personal experience.


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CBT Medway – Motorcycle Course

We intend our CBT Medway course to be a practical but fun day for new riders. The day is a course not a test so the pressure is on us to help you through it.

Conducted initially in the relative safety of an area of hard standing away from the road, your CBT starts with the very basics – machine controls. Where and what they are and how they work.

After that we move onto bike handling and manoeuvring; developing a good understanding of the machine and its characteristics.

Finally as the day progresses (and assuming all goes to plan!) it culminates with an on-road ride to gain experience in various road traffic situations before leading to the issuing of your CBT (DL196) certificate. Once issued your CBT becomes valid for two years.

If you don’t pass your test in that time then you will need to renew your CBT, which you can do every 2 years (renewing riders receive a FURTHER DISCOUNTED RATE from our normal published price – please phone for details).

Having a CBT certificate effectively validates your licence meaning you can ride a 49cc moped when you’re 16 and up to a 125cc motorcycle when you’re 17 providing you ride with L-plates.

Without an up to date CBT certificate your licence is invalid and likewise your insurance too since you no longer have a legal licence to ride!

If you obtained a full car licence before Feb 2001 then you are exempt from needing a CBT certificate for riding a 49cc moped.

Driving Standards Agency - CBT Medway

    • CBT Medway
    • We only use fully qualified instructors
    • The best value training in Kent
    • No hidden extras
    • Gillingham is Medway’s nearest Driving Standards Agency test centre

    Starting Your CBT Medway Course

    Before starting your course we will need to see both parts of your licence. We also expect you to demonstrate good balance so you must be able to ride a bicycle.

    A good working knowledge of the Highway Code is essential for your own safety and that of other road users. We place particular emphasis on knowledge surrounding traffic lights, junctions, roundabouts, crossroads and pedestrian crossings.

    You are welcome to use your own bike but you don’t need to since we’ll supply a properly insured moped or motorcycle (so no additional collision damage waiver fee that most schools charge). We’ll also supply a suitable safety helmet, waterproofs and protective gloves.

    If you choose to use your own motorcycle then it must be taxed, insured, MOT’d (if over 3 years old), have mirrors, be roadworthy and display  L-plates.

    Licensed for 16 students, our off road training area is the largest in the region. We train a maximum of 4 students per instructor off-road and for safety’s sake, just 2 students per instructor on-road.

    All our instructors are fully qualified by the Driving Standards Agency for teaching both CBT and Full Licence – Direct Access Scheme (DAS) courses.


    A-Z Rider Training has been providing CBT and DAS courses in the Medway, Gillingham, Chatham and Maidstone areas since 1990.

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    Contact Details

            • Mob: 07767 822772 (Steve-Anytime)
            • Phone: 01634 926265  (Medway)

    Our Prices

    We’ve slashed the price of our CBT. With our CBT Medway rate now starting from as little as £79, you won’t find better value anywhere. Look below to see what’s included.

    No.1 For Young Riders

    Understandably parents show concern when their offspring take up motorcycling. But choosing Medway’s A-Z Rider Training is the safest way they can learn. We take great pride in teaching younger people and offer the patience, clarity of instruction and support needed to achieve their goals. At the same time we try to instil the necessary road craft, awareness and discipline to ride safely.

    Why A-Z Rider Training?

    Student safety is our no.1 priority
    Expert and supportive instructors
    Max 2 students/1 instructor on-road
    Insurance all included in price
    Free loan of motorcycle
    Free loan of safety helmet
    Free loan of waterproofs
    Free loan of protective gloves
    Largest off road training area in Kent
    Best value for money training in Kent
    CBT Medway – We’re the no.1 choice